Siamese Style

Terms and Conditions of Purchase


Refunds, Exchanges and Other Terms and Conditions

Because the clothing we make is custom done especially for you, we do not offer refunds or exchanges except under very special circumstances. This means that the item you ordered must be significantly different than what you ordered; for example, you ordered a pink dress and received a black dress. Sending the completely wrong item would, of course, also qualify for a refund; for example, you ordered dress 2W and we sent dress 12W

In some cases, very minor adjustments will need to be made to make your clothing item fit perfectly. We will go by the measurements that you send us and if you do a good job measuring, there should be no problem or need for adjustments.

Jewelry, wedding gifts or items items purchased for you will be as close as possible to what you want. We do not stock or make these items. We "go shopping" for them. Since we are not allowed to return or exchange these items, we cannot offer refunds on them.

In the event of the necessity for a "rush job," we cannot guarantee that the item will arrive by your deadline and will notify you of this possibility.

In the event that a refund or exchange is allowed, secure shipping to Thailand is paid for by the customer. In addition, our shipping charge to you in not refundable.