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Thai Farmer's Paraphernalia

Thai farmers use many unique tools, household items and sundries. If it has to do with Thai farmers, we have it or we can get it. We live right in the heart of rural Northeast Thailand and are surrounded by farm communities. Our family is a farming family.

The name of the town we live in is Khukhan and it is in Si Saket Province. It is a market town. Each morning hundreds of farmers board trucks for the ride into Khukhan to pick up their supplies. Three times a month there is a large market.

What we offer here are not tourist items, although some make lovely decorations. They are the real thing.

Small orders are welcome. Larger orders from Thai restaurants are eligible for a discount.

A partial list of what we have or can easily get includes:

Wicker Baskets

*Sticky rice baskets (Kratib in Thai)
*Steamers for sticky rice (Huat Neung Kow Niow in Thai)

*Rice tosser (Kraht Dong)
*Catch basket (Kong Si Phla) -- used to keep the fish or frogs you catch in.

More Wicker
*Fish traps (Si Duck Phla)
*Small table trays (used when sitting on the floor to eat)


Thai Farmer's Shirts
*Mor Hum denim clothing for men and women. We have the traditional Thai farmers' shirts as well as western style shirts and blouses.

Thai Style Sarong for Men

*Pa kao mah - 100% handwoven silk or cotton "sarong" for men. These are 30 inches x 72 inches (77cm x 182cm). Farmers use them as wrap arounds when relaxing, as towels, belts and to cover their heads. You can use them for just about anything you want. This is an inexpensive way to get real handwoven Thai fabric.

*Pa toong - 100% handwoven silk or cotton "sarong" for women. Similar to a pa kao mah for men, but bigger so it can be worn as a wrap around "dress." Thai women usually sew the ends together to make a tube which they step into and then fold over to close.

Water Buffalo and Cow Bells
Thai cowbells are much smaller than western cowbells. They jingle more than they clang clang clang -- if you know what I mean.
There are many kinds.
1. Small (about 1 and a half inches in diameter). Silver or gold color
2. Medium (about one and three forth inches in diameter). silver or gold color
3. Small rusty color with a bigger clanger so they have small clang rather than a jingle.
4. Water buffalo bells -- small round jingle bells in a hand carverd moon shape piece of wood.
5. Medium sized bells with double clangers on the side that look kind of like arms. They just have an ordinary cord, but they are really cool.
6. Medium sized bells with wide red or black straps.
Prices range from $6.50 to $9.50

Knives and farm tools
*Keow kao - long curved knife (cycle) for cutting rice when ready to harvest.
*Assorted digging tools, plow blades and kitchen knives.

Other stuff
*Handmade nylon fish traps (In green or white, small, medium and large
*Thai style broom (Mai Kwat)
*Thai style "lunch box." (Pin Toe in Thai) Made of stainless steel, you can carry two or three dishes at once with these stacked round containers.
*Harnesses for water buffalo and cows
*Straw hats (Many styles).

If you don't see what you want, but it pertains to Thai farmers, we can get it. Just ask.

For more information, contact Rose.